WSDM is an Artist Collective established in Bakersfield, California. We all came together to express our mutual love and passion for Art. Our collective touches on a variety of Art forms such as: Painting, Music, Break Dancing, and Photography. We support individualism and our right to express ourselves freely.

In order displayed.

Josiah Ihem - Top

Oso - Middle

Andrew Frausto - Bottom

Israel & Oso



Updated Design.

Updated Design.

What is FREE WSDM?

What is FREE WSDM Artist Collective?

From the unlikely depths of Bakersfield, California, FREE WSDM Artist Collective is establishing itself to bring you Urban apparel with a hint of class and simplicity.

Our mission is to celebrate urban culture and the arts through every day street apparel. Being a collective, we collaborate with various talents from the culture, ranging from: Fine arts,street art, graffitti, music, photography, and videography. FREE WSDM will showcase these talents to gain awareness from the community and create a doorway for our Artists to step out from the unknown. We will be presenting music, music videos, short films, galleries, and events. By combining our talents, we will shed a new light on Art and Urban Culture.


FREE WSDM uses the imagery of a Triangle and a Circle to represent perfection and simplicity.

The question mark represents our stance against the status quo and our support for the freedom of thought.